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How To Guard Our Eyesight

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Eye Care is a serious concern that is often neglected. Our vision is one of the wonderful gifts but most of us take it for granted. Eye care is as important as other parts of the body like the skin. Precaution needs to be taken to keep them in good health. Implementing them at an early stage will mean les problems in old age. There are several reasons to start learning and understanding more about eye health and how to guard our sight. There are not only personal reasons but financial reasons as well because the cost of eye care affects everyone. With increasing age more eye problems crop up. The need for eye care in polluted environment is essential.

As said "prevention is better than cure", so the best way to avert your eye from damaging is by using eye lenses at an early stage. There are different types of contact lenses available in the market today. Some lenses are used for clear vision while some are used for attracting people, like colored lenses. Contact lenses may be classified by a strict wearing schedule. Daily wear contacts must be removed, cleaned and stored each night, while extended wear contact lenses are made from materials which are safe for sleep. There are also "continuous wear" contact lenses, a type of extended wear lens that can be worn for up to 30 days.

Various types of contact lenses include Bifocal Contact Lenses that provide clear vision at various distances, Colored Contact Lenses that give your eyes a subtle or dramatic change, Custom Contact Lenses that could work for you if other options fail, Disposable Contact Lenses which enable a healthier lens-wearing experience, Extended Wear Contact Lenses for safe overnight wear or naps, Gas Permeable (GP) Contact Lenses for the ultimate in crisp vision, Monovision lenses might work for you if bifocal contact lenses don't. Orthokeratology Lenses enable contact lens-free vision during the day, Prosthetic Contact Lenses that mask eye injury or disfigurements, Silicone Hydrogel Contacts which transmit more oxygen to your eyes, Special-Effect Contact Lenses like vampire, Goth, monster and anime looks, Toric Contact Lenses that provide good vision if you have astigmatism.

Whether you're wearing any kind of lens, you should always follow your eye care professional's prescribed cleaning routine. Failure to do so could result in red eye, pain, light sensitivity, tearing, or sudden changes in vision or even blindness.




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